Two Plays a Week Service = More Profits

Two Plays a Week Service = More Profits

Let me ask you this. Do you bet sports to make money or do you bet just to have fun? If you’re betting to make money we are the service for you.

After years of studying we have finally found the secret to making money betting sports. The secret is this. Bet LESS games per week. That’s exactly what we do here at Verified Handicappers, we do not play more than two games per week. And that is what made us so successful so far this season.

We only release sports picks in the four major sporting events: NFL, NHL, NBA and MLB.

Discipline is key when it comes to betting sports and we want to teach you how to be discipline with our two plays per week system. Whether you already do well for yourself or not, for just $20 per sports pick you can double your profits or finally start making profits!

By looking at our records so far this season you will see that we have over a 70% success rate and you can get all of this for just $20 per sports pick. That’s $40 per week. GUARANTEED to win each sports pick or else the following sports pick is FREE!

Now, we look at each game in the NFL, NBA, NHL and MLB each week and we brake down each game. From there we evaluate which game has the most edge in order for us to make a profit. Once we find that game with the most edge that’s the game we invest our money in.

Whether it’s the NFL, NHL, NBA or MLB – it doesn’t matter. Our main goal here at Verified Handicappers are PROFITS! We don’t care what sporting event or what game it is, as long as it has an edge and we can make a profit off of the game, that’s the game we invest in.

I understand not everyone likes certain sports and they have a hard time betting that sport. But who cares!? Money is the bottom line. Wouldn’t you rather make easy money each week rather than having “fun” betting sports you do like – losing money?

I would rather make profits each week and still have fun with my family with that money I do profit!

So if you think you can handle just two bets per week we are the service for you. Even if you can’t. Still bet our two plays per week and use us as a tool to keep you in the game, this way you can still have fun betting other games that you like.

All picks are sent by email and we email you each day with an update. We don’t leave you hanging around all day expecting a play when we don’t have one for that current day. We tell you exactly what we are looking at for that week and keep you updated each day. We are pretty much your 7 days per week handicapper reporter.

With all that being said. Are YOU ready to get on board for just $20 and start making profits with us!? Be sure to check out our daily report on what games are available before purchasing.

2013-2014 Record